How do I get started using the Firewall feature?

The Firewall feature allows you to configure firewall rules to restrict incoming connections to your instances.

To use the Firewall feature:

  1. Click Firewall in the left sidebar of the dashboard to open your firewall settings.

    Under General Settings, use the toggle next to Allow ICMP traffic (ping) to allow or restrict incoming ICMP traffic to your instances.

  2. Next to Inbound Rules, click Edit to configure incoming TCP and UDP traffic rules.

    Set the Protocol, Port range, and Source for the rule you want to add or modify. Use the Description field to specify the purpose of the rule.

    • Protocol can be All (both TCP and UDP), TCP, or UDP.

      • Most services, such as web servers and mail servers, use TCP.
      • Some services, such as OpenVPN (by default), use UDP.
    • Port range can be:

      • A single port, for example, 8080.
      • A range of ports, for example, 8080-8081.
    • Source can be:

      • A single IP address, for example,
      • A range of IP addresses in CIDR notation, for example,
  3. Click Add rule to add additional rules, if you have any to add.

    Click the x next to any rule you want to delete.

  4. Once you’re finished adding and modifying rules, click Update to apply your changes.