How do I upgrade Ubuntu and Lambda Stack?

Follow these instructions to upgrade Ubuntu and Lambda Stack to the latest versions.

  1. Uninstall (purge) the existing Lambda Stack by running:

    sudo rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/{graphics,nvidia,cuda}* && \
    dpkg -l | \
    awk '/cuda|lib(accinj64|cu(blas|dart|dnn|fft|inj|pti|rand|solver|sparse)|magma|nccl|npp|nv[^p])|nv(idia|ml)|tensor(flow|board)|torch/ { print $2 }' | \
    sudo xargs -or apt -y remove --purge
  2. Run sudo do-release-upgrade to upgrade Ubuntu.

  3. Install the latest Lambda Stack by running wget -nv -O- | sh -.

  4. Run sudo reboot to reboot your computer.

Last modified October 3, 2023: Add PDF of Vector quickstart guide (63985d8)